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About us

About the IASTE Research Group

The Integrated Assessment: Sociology, Technology and the Environment (IASTE) Research Group is hosted by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and supported by the SGR program of the Catalan Government.

The IASTE Research Group is capable of delivering scientific output strongly needed for dealing with the current sustainability predicament: an alternative narrative and quantitative representation of the interaction socio-economic systems/nature.

The IASTE Research Group is able to deal with a broad spectrum of issues:
# Nexus food, energy, water, land and the link to environmental accounting;
# Checking the viability, desirability, feasibility of scenarios (e.g. decarbonization);
# Analysis of the quality of alternative energy sources and energy systems;
# Quality assurance on the production and consumption of quantitative information for decision making – practical applications.

About the MuSIASEM approach

The Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism accounting approach (a.k.a MuSIASEM) was envisioned in the 90s by Mario Giampietro and Kozo Mayumi as an attempt to implement the concept of bio-economics proposed by Georgescu-Roegen.  The accounting approach integrates several conceptual tools derived from complexity theory in order to handle the epistemological predicament faced when handling quantitative analyses referring to multiple scales and dimensions.  In technical terms this handling requires the ability of integrating information referring to non-equivalent descriptive domains.

The MuSIASEM approach is now further developed by the IASTE Research Group. Meet the IASTE team members working on the MuSIASEM approach here !

The Scientific Society LIPHE4 organizes summer schools and coordinates projects related to applications of the MuSIASEM accounting scheme. If you want to support these activities, please consider making a donation to the Liphe4 research association here .



The Sustainability Sudoku website is based on an original idea of the IASTE Research Group of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

When referring to this website in publications, please cite the following reference:

Below are listed the contributors to the project.

Faculty Advisor

Mario Giampietro, ICREA Research Professor at ICTA-UAB
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Conception, Research & Design

François Diaz Maurin, Post-doctoral Researcher at ICTA-UAB
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Data Mining & Research

Raúl Velasco, PhD Student at ICTA-UAB
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Development & Visualization

Gabriel Sprenger, Software Engineer
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