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Welcome to the Sustainability Sudoku!

The Sustainability Sudoku is a didactic and interactive tool to promote an informed discussion over the sustainability issues. This tool has been developed by the Integrated Assessment Research Group (IASTE) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Your comments and suggestions are welcome using our feedback form.


(Click the PLAY NOW button and follow the instructions. After the first introductory level you will get the instructions for the next levels)

What is the Sustainability Sudoku?


    The Sustainability Sudoku is a game, but at the same time it conveys an important message: Wake up! It is time for a fresh view on what is happening on this planet! Probably many of you have been told that “our” dependence on imported oil is an intolerable situation that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. We will show you that things are not that simple...

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  • About us

    The Integrated Assessment: Sociology, Technology and the Environment (IASTE) Research Group is hosted by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and supported by the SGR program of the Catalan Government.

    The IASTE Research Group is capable of delivering scientific output strongly needed for dealing with the current sustainability predicament: an alternative narrative and quantitative representation of the interaction socio-economic systems/nature.

    The IASTE Research Group is able to deal with a broad spectrum of issues:
    # Nexus food, energy, water, land and the link to environmental accounting;
    # Checking the viability, desirability, feasibility of scenarios (e.g. decarbonization);
    # Analysis of the quality of alternative energy sources and energy systems;
    # Quality assurance on the production and consumption of quantitative information for decision making – practical applications.

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